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La Loma Grace was started in the 1930s and has continued for over 7 decades as a part of the Charis Fellowship.  This church community is located in the heart of Modesto, California that chooses to grow personally and communally, go locally and globally, and lead others toward life and rejuvenation.

In 1938 Rev. Earl Studebaker began a Bible study in his home with local families of Brethren background.  As the group grew new facilities were needed and a large tent on a vacant lot became their first gathering place.  With continued growth a larger building became necessary and the group met in several halls for services.  In the early 1940’s 26 people signed its charter and the Brethren Church of Modesto became official.  Around this time an empty lot was purchased on La Loma Avenue, which became the church’s ministry home.  The old KTRB radio station building was for sale and members purchased it and moved it onto the property, dedicating it on Easter Sunday, 1943, as La Loma Grace Brethren Church.  This was our beginning.


Through the years God has blessed this church in many ways.  La Loma Grace has a rich history of impact in the local community and world-wide through missions efforts, with leaders who have their roots in this ministry.  As in the beginning, we exist to know God through his son, Jesus Christ , and to make him known to others.  As times change, so do methods of ministry, but the core at La Loma Grace remains the same, to know Jesus and make him known.

We are affiliated with the Charis Fellowship.


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